• 800
    internationally produced and distributed feature films
  • 110.000 square metres of movie complex
  • 25.000 square meters of studio complex and additional buildings
  • 40,000 civilian costumes and uniforms in costume department spreads over 1.500 square metres
  • 120 trophy vehicles from various time periods
  • Vehicles from World War II, old-fashioned vehicles, motorcycles, horse-drawn cars and carriages
  • Camera, Lightning & Grip Equipment department



one of the best and most fully equipped studios in Europe, is spread over an area of 3.000 square metres, of which 1.200 square metres is used for filming and is 11 metres high. The possibilities for shooting are extended by the mobile ceiling ramps and the shooting pool of 100 square metres and 2.5 metres deep. The remaining space consists of a restaurant with a kitchen which can provide food for 150 crew members at once, production offices, 5 apartments, 2 make up and wardrobe trailers, and storage rooms for scenography, props and technical equipment.


that covers area of 800 m2, of which 600 metres is used for filming and the remaining facilities consist of make up and wardrobe trailers and production offices.


that covers area of 1300 m2, of which 1000 meters is used for filming and remaining facilities consist of make up and wardrobe rooms, offices, storage rooms.


that covers area of 1000 m2, of which 700 meter is used for filming especial for TV productions, remaining facilities consists of offices, editing rooms, make up and wardrobe rooms.


whole complex is spread over 2000 square meters and is used for filming and TV production, presently used by RTL for production of Big Brother show. Includes Big Brother House, editing rooms, Tv studio for live broadcast – 500 m2, restaurant, offices, storage rooms, make up and wardrobe rooms.
Laboratory services – including film development, telecine in the production stage, to the making of finished sound copies in the postproduction stage. Additionally, Jadran film laboratories include processing of all color and black and white films in 35, 16, s-16 mm formats, and BLOW-up from 16 and s-16 to 35 mm.