JADRAN FILM of Zagreb, is one of Europes busiest and most successful providers of Services for worldwide theatrical and television production. For over 70 years we have provided quality production services with outstanding economical performance value. JADRAN FILM – CROATIA follows just behind Great Britain, in 1983., in the total figure of the United States of America’s overseas productions, as reported by «Hollywood Reporter». Even before 1983. and in the later years JADRAN FILM holds high position in the total number of the American overseas productions. And not only in the Americans!


PRODUCTION WITH JADRAN FILM is the guarantee that you will have on your disposal the top quality equipment and technical facilities and services to go with it, technological processes, organizing of the shooting inside and outside the Studio, services of the professionals and their specialized skills and even the financial support. Everything that – in any segment or in any moment of the production – is required for Its beginning and its completion.


JADRAN FILM offers the complete and full choice of all the necessary Lighting and Grip Equipment for Studio and Outside shooting with autonomous sources of Power Supply, the selection of the top quality ARRI film cameras, 16 and 35 mm, as well as all of modern digital cameras along with all additional accessories. Modern stages for all kinds of shooting, including the underwater Shootings in the pool, Post-production Facilities, Sound Stage for dubbing and mixing. Workshops for all needed Scenery making as Carpentry, Plastic, Concrete etc. Wartime Vehicles, Old-timers, and a fascinanting Wardrobe with more than 30.000 pieces of Civil and Military parts of all kind, orderly sorted and computer controlled.
The best from the best are our people, our Employees and Freelancers, specialist with all Knowledge you may ever need, the Crew that has successfully overcame the hardest trials in the biggest movie projects.


We made our first International venture in 1963 by offering film production services to an American partner for the «Lum and Abner» series. Continuous co-productions and partnership with foreign companies started strongly in early 60 s. After filming Orson Welles «The Trial», and several films for Dino de Laurentis, we also filmed with partners from France, Germany and Italy, and extended our partnership with US companies filming famous film slike «Isidora Duncan» and «Fiddler on the Roof».

We succeeded in having foreign partners join our domestic projects, like «Isidora Duncan» and «Fiddler on the Roof». We succeeded in having foreign partners join our domestic projects, like «The Assassination in Sarajevo» with Franco Nero, and more others. In 1975 in cooperation with Jadran Film, Sam Peckinpah s «Cross of Iron» was produced starring James Coburn, James Mason and Maximilian Shell; in 1977 Guy Hamilton directed «Force ten from Navarone» with Harrison Ford and Robert Shaw. In 1979 Voelker Schlendorff s «The Tim Drum» won the ACADEMY AWARD for the best foreign film; also awarded the Golden Palm, the first prize at the Cannes Festival. Long years of work and experience have confirmed our reputation for producing some of the world s largest film projects. Hence in 1980, Paramount, in cooperation with Jadran film produced the greater part of their mini series «The Winds of War». Other films that followed included souch hits as Allan Pakula s «Sophie s Choice» (Academy Award for Meryl Streep), Brian Hutton s «High Road to China», and the mini series «The Lost Hero – Wallenberg Story» for Paramount (Emmy).

In 1986 ABC produced with Jadran film the world s most expensive television project of the year, «War and Remembrance», with a budget of over 100 million US Dollars. Please find attached extended list of foreign projects and artists that filmed with Jadran film Croatia.