Current projects

The Witch of Grich

This is the first European TV series about “witch hunts” and “witch burning” on stakes. The story is based on the bestselling series of books “Grich Witch” by Marija Jurić Zagorka. More than 10 million copies have been sold, so far, in eastern European countries. Just last year, over 1.2 million copies of M.J. Zagorka books were sold in Croatia. The story is based on authentic court and church documents found in archives in cities of Zagreb, Budapest and Vienna, offering an authentic story. The Grich Witch takes place in the 18th century during Habsburg monarchy rule, in an old city of Zagreb and Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. 

Comrade Tito Superstar

The project is framed as a film within a film. The title, of course, refers to Jesus Christ Superstar. The storyline intentionally follows reference points that seem to be a given – from Citizen Kane, to Jesus Christ Superstar, to Little Shop of Horrors and many popular musicals, such as The Sound of Music, West  Side Story, Saturday Night Fever, High School Musical and especially Moulin Rouge.  Our film is currently both prepping the screenplay production and creating footage  for JOSIP BROZ TITO SUPERSTAR in a process that has no end in sight – and is more likely to end in doom and gloom.

Kids content

Jadran Film is currently in the ever expanding business of distribution;adding to our ever expanding arsenal of movies and tv shows we welcome kid friendly content.

Our directors

We also offer a variety of directors for future projects. For more information please contact us directly. 

Past projects

An Event1969
Ann and Eve1970
Anno Domini 15731975
Atomic War Bride1960
Battle of Neretva1969
Ciguli Miguli1952
Colonel Redl1985
Don’t Lean on the Window1977
Don-t Look Back, My Son1956
Evening Bells1986
Face to Face1963
Goli čovik1968
Honor Bound1988
I Have Two Mothers and Two Fathers1968
Looking Into the Eyes of the Sun1966
Monday or Tuesday1966
Passion According to Matthew1975
Poslijepodne jednog fazana1972
Pravo stanje stvari1964
Prometheus of the Island1964
See You1995
Skoplje ’631964
Sreća dolazi u 91961
Sudar ma paralelama1961
The Birch Tree1967
The Day That Shook the World1975
The Fall of Italy1981
The Fed One1970
The Fifth Day of Peace1970
The Girl and the Oak1955
The Glembays1988
The House1975
The Jubilee of Mr Ikel1955
The Key1965
The Rat Savior1981
The Scene of the Crash1971
The Tin Drum1979
The Valley of Death1968
The Way to Paradise1970
Three for Happiness1985
Three Hours to Love1968
Transylvania 6-50001985
Visitors from the Arkana Galaxy1981
Whatever You Can Spare1979
Whichever Way the Ball Bounces1974
Winnetou and the Crossbreed1966
You Love Only Once1981


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